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Sekolah Astronot: Program S2 Aeronotika Dan Astronotika – Institut Teknologi Bandung

Aeronautics & Astronautics Study Program offers undergraduate, master and doctoral degree courses. The education prepares the graduates with a wide range of careers in aerospace industr y in the fields of aerodynamics, aircraft structure, flight mechanics, aeroelasticity, aircraft design, astronautics and air transportation. Although the program is oriented towards aerospace fields it is sufficiently broadly based for the graduate to work in different industry sectors.

The undergraduate program is a 4-year, 144 credit units program. The courses could be grouped into Basic Sciences, Basic Engineering Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Aerospace Engineering Science, Aerospace Design, Integration and Operation, Elective Courses to broaden the knowledge of the students, and other supporting courses such as Management. In the 4th year, the students should take Industrial Training to allow them to experience real working environment. A final year project should be performed at the 8th semester as a research or project exercise.

The master program is a three-semester, 36 credit units program. It provides training for those aiming toward a PhD program or research and development engineering activity in research institution as well as in industry. The doctoral program is a 6-semester, 54 credit units program in research which culminates in a PhD dissertation.

To support education and research activities, the Study Program of Aeronautics and Astronautics has excellent laboratory facilities including: Low Speed Wind Tunnel, Static and Fatigue Testing Machine, Flying Laboratory, Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity and Aircraft Design Center.

One of the strong point of the Study Programs is its close collaboration with aerospace industry and research institutions in Indonesia. The staff members were involved in the development of commuter aircraft designed by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (formerly PT IPTN), the Indonesian Aircraft industry. Close collaboration with major airlines in Indonesia and airport management office is also established. The industrial problems gained in the collaboration enriched the lecture materials with realistic illustrations.

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